Frequently Asked Questions



Travelling with children

Traveling with Children below the age of 12 is only recommended in Family Package.
While in solo or group package the company takes no responsibility for the safety of underage children.

Travelling in a group

Special discount offers are available for those who are traveling in groups

Travelling solo

There is no restriction on traveling solo. However, the minimum age should be 15 years or more for traveling without a guardian.

Food, drink and dietary requirements

Each package has its own special features, so have a look at your package in details before you book just to confirm that what all is provided and what is not.
For more details feel free to send us a message for help, for that use our send request form available on this page.

Safety and medical information

The company is responsible for your safe traveling excluding in conditions of natural disasters.
Moreover, for medical concerns, keep your medicines with your if you are prescribed by the doctor.
Medical facility during your trip is also available all the time.


Travel Insurance

There is not travel insurance from the company.

Visa Information

International Tourists must have a visa copy with themselves in case you are asked to go through security clearance

Currency information

Only Pakistani Rupee is acceptable for payment, the payment could be done via cash or via online account transfer.
Please ask for bank account number through phone number or email before starting your journey.

What should I bring?

Bring your National ID Card/VISA with yourself
Keep your medicines along if you are prescribed by the doctor
Keep daily usable items in your bag
Mobile Charger, Powerbanks, ToothBrush, Sleeping Bags, Joggers, Casual Wears, Glasses case etc.

Note: Avoid bringing laptop on hiking trips.

Financial security

We recommend you to bring ATM cards. don’t keep a lot of money with you while traveling.
However, you can submit your expansive materials to company staff. so that you don’t lose anything.


Arrival information

Tourist guide from the company will stay in touch with you after the confirmation of trip has been made.
The tourists are also advised to stay in touch with Company/guide and update upon arrival.

Cellular Services

Yes, all national networks are active in cities and nearby but there is limited service away from cities in few regions, and at those places SCOM service is available.

Keeping in touch with home

Keep in touch with your home and keep power banks along with yourself and phones charged to avoid any mishap.
Keep your families updated about your next day plan and present-day activities.

Accommodation and Transport

Accommodation is separately charged if it’s not available in the package, kindly read package details and check what is included & what is not before your makeup your mind for anything.


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